Doctor Who: the (should have been a) spanking episode

I’m not sure that our “Perverting Reality” category can properly be used to describe a scene idea sparked by last night’s repeated episode of sci-fi series “Doctor Who” on the BBC. After all, anyone who classes the programme as ‘reality’ needs either medical assistance or tickets to the next fans’ convention. And I don’t need either, before I hear any snide remarks…

Anyway…. The show featured a werewolf trying to kill Queen Victoria, in a spooky Scottish country mansion. (Where on earth is this going, I sense you wondering? Queen Victoria spanking the Doctor’s scantily-clad young assistant Rose, over her regal knee? That wasn’t the idea that occured to me at the time, but now I think of it…).

Early in the episode, Rose is trying to choose a dress. She flings open a wardrobe, to find a terrified maid cowering in the corner. My mind immediately transported said maid to another Victorian country house, still hiding away, terrified of the whipping she was due to receive from the butler for breaking valuable porcelain. Much commotion, as the staff hunted high and low for her.

The lord of the house was disturbed by the noise: “When you find her, bring her to me.” And so it was that, not long after, the trembling girl was dragged into the great hall. Like most servants, she would never have been spoken to by the master. Now he was asking her name, and explaining calmly why Meissen porcelain needs to be handled with such care, and asking why she ran and hid.

She was almost too nervous to speak, her words when they came quiet and hesitant: “Because I didn’t want to be punished, sir.”

“And causing all of this disturbance makes you *less* likely to be flogged?”

“No, sir.”

“You strike me as a good girl. But such behaviour in this household has inevitable consequences. You will be whipped.” He turned to the butler. “Please go and fetch your crop: I would like to observe the punishment.”

I did enjoy the rest of the episode last night. But my mind really was elsewhere 😉

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: the (should have been a) spanking episode

  • 4 November, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    I thought it should have been a spanking episode as well, but with a whipping being the punishment instead of banishment from the kingdom.

    Possibly with the Doctor gallantly taking both his own and Rose’s punishments.

    **gets lost in thought**

  • 5 November, 2007 at 8:25 pm

    Good idea! I think the Doctor in his current incarnation is very whippable.

    (Queen Victoria would still have had to create Torchwood, though, because otherwise there would be no show for us to watch!)

  • 6 November, 2007 at 7:47 pm

    Agreed on both counts!


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