Doctor Who, Edwardian Schoolmaster*

From the previews for tomorrow’s episode of Doctor Who, it looks like he will be disguised as an ‘ordinary schoolteacher in 1912 England’.

We had great fun the other day discussing the adventures you might have if you land the TARDIS in a school.

Abel suggested that the Doctor’s assistant would need to infiltrate her mother’s old school. There she would find out why Mum was always so paranoid about her daughter wandering out of bounds: after a night-time monster chase, the girl is brough to the Headmaster for six-of-the-best.

Or how about this: the Doctor steals a girl straight from the bench in front of the Headmaster’s study. After many adventures, he returns her, but his usual sloppy driving makes him miss by a few months, and corporal punishment has been abolished. I quite like this one, actually…
* I know, we’ve just been through this with Abel.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who, Edwardian Schoolmaster*

  • 26 May, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    Martha is a maid in this episode, we know that one of the Doctor’s advisories is The Master, and I always had something for The Rani, a bit of a connection here! The idea of time and space travel just conj ours up any possibility you can think of, going way back to when corporal punishment was rife, being transported to a planet entirely run by dominatrix, or where you were the ruler and could pass any law you wanted. Aspects of Victorian England would be fun.

    I am off to my happy place :)

  • 26 May, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Dr Who in full schoolmaster outfit with cane in hand… it was all my fantasies come to life on prime time Saturday evening TV, BRILLIANT!!! :)


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