A competition for you… I was idly browsing for inspiration last week, and was surprised at how many spanking-related phrases turned up no results whatsoever on Google. Here’s ten that I tried that were sadly absent from existing web pages:

“the girl was tied to the mast and flogged”
“the headmaster caned the girls soundly”
“he placed her over his knee and spanked her”
“the tawse cracked down on her outstretched hand”
“report to my study to be punished”
“the headmistress will cane you now”
“I will not tolerate lax discipline in this school”
“she bent over his desk for a paddling”
“he tawsed the girl in front of the entire school”
“the punished girl needed comforting”

So, over to you. Any other spanking-related phrases that you feel need introducing to the web for the first time?!