A welcome home whipping

After my return from a month’s exile, it didn’t take Abel too long to remind me that life isn’t all shopping trips and drinks in the pub. No sooner than we made it back from the airport and had some food, he innocently said:

“Do you like my new belt?”

I looked. And closed my eyes, to see if the monstrosity would go away if I blinked. And then I looked again. The belt was still there: the thickest, widest strip of leather I’ve ever seen, liberally decorated with massive metal studs. With a belt like that, Abel would have been welcome at a hard rock festival. He was clearly delighted at having sneaked in a purchase like that while I wasn’t looking.

I honestly told him that the belt suited him very much. And that I was sure it was purely decorative.

For a short while I even believed it to be so. He sat on the bed and invited me over his lap, he reminded me what a spanking felt like. (A note, in case I ever actually forget: at first it feels kind of warm and lovely, and then he gets into the swing of things, at which point it hurts like hell and you begin to wonder what you’re doing in the same room as this monster, never mind being married to him.)

After my bottom felt like I had accidentally sat on a bee hive, Abel sternly ordered me to bend over the bed. I cautiously looked around the room, wondering whether he’d brought anything from home to use on me, and saw to my dismay that he’d picked up the monster belt.

He considerately folded it the soft side out, with the metal bits safely covered up, and asked me how many strokes I thought were appropriate for the occasion. I bit my tongue on “none,” and suggested six. And you know what? Even folded – and even used quite lightly – that belt is a good candidate for a charity give-away some time when Abel isn’t looking. I did get one really hard stroke – the final one, aimed across the tops of my thighs – and it made me question whether I was still into spanking at all.

Five minutes later, however, the sharp pain turned into a comfortable glow, the smacks turned into hugs, and I knew I was home again.

9 thoughts on “A welcome home whipping

  • 28 June, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Aaaaawwww! Cuteness!

    And I am hugely impressed with whatever shop assisstant sold Abel a hard-rock-festival belt and *didn’t* die of laughter on the spot.

    So glad you guys are reunited again!

  • 28 June, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Mmm, the natural order is restored :-) And my curiosity is sated! Sometimes real-life can be the nicest scene of all to play.

  • 28 June, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    You two are so cute together! (Yay! Do I sound remotely American yet? Maybe I should throw in some OMG’s…)

    I was going to say, at least you’re getting some action, but I’ve changed my mind. That belt does sound like it was made to be thrown out *accidentally* during a belated spring clean.

    So this is one of the implements brought home by dear Abel? (Since he snickered at us poor things that thought there was only one) Wonder what the rest of them will be like…

  • 29 June, 2008 at 12:11 am

    You blatantly need to have a small and carefully planned fire, the kind that burns up any nasty implements, oh, and maybe that evil coffee machine that grows mould if you forget to change the thingy!

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  • 30 June, 2008 at 6:58 am

    ….a welcome back bottom belting — ouchies!

    Sounds like some kinda belt there, with the heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll studs and all. Don’t think that’s my personal style, but it does remind me that I could use a brand-new, smooth, supple belt. Skip the studs tho!


    cherry red

  • 30 June, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    How lovely! It makes it well worth it to have Abel away for a time, it he rewards you like this when he returns.


  • 1 July, 2008 at 9:36 am

    It’s a toughie really – choosing between the surprise factor (“Oh my god, you’re not going to use that on me are you ? You are ? Please, please go gently…..”) and the shopping experience…..

    “How about this one ?”
    “Its too wide !”
    “That will spread the impact more.”
    “Shhhhh – we’re in a shop !!”
    “And you’re still going to get beaten with whatever I buy. So the more delay, the more publicity.”
    “Oh God, get that one then if you want it.”

    Then saunter over to an assistant…….

    “I’d like to try this one please.”
    “Thats fine sir – the testing rooms are over there. Do you want the lady to accompany you ?”
    “Why yes, of course….!!”
    “The soundproof room is at the end, unless you would like to use a gag ??”
    “mmmmm… choices choices….. the gag I think”

    Its offered, sealed in its sterilised plastic bag. As we go into the testing cubicles another couple comes out. She is rubbing her rear, but smiling, he is coiling the belt around his palm. Another successful sale in the store of dreams.


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