Wincing as you sit down after a good spanking is a lovely feeling. It’s a real shame that getting to the point of being that sore is actually quite difficult.

Before I was spanked for the first time, I spent a good few months reading stories online and role-playing in chatrooms, and the idea of being too sore to sit down was established in my mind as one of the inalienable parts of a spanking scene. I thought, ‘Of course I’ll want to sit down for a while, a spanking does that, right?’

Well, not really. I’ve had maybe three instances in 10 years of play when sitting down was literally out of the question for several hours after the scene. On each of the occassions I’d received over 50 full-strenth strokes with a heavy implement, and was quite seriously marked. Even then, I didn’t mind sitting down the following day, even if some soreness did last for quite a long while.

I thought at first that I had a particularly thick hide, but I’ve since spoke to lots of newbies in the first flush of excitement from their first spanking, and quite a lot of them mentioned being disappointed by how quickly the effects went away. Thing is, people don’t necessarily want to get spanked any harder than they do anyway: we just want the soreness to last for long enough that we can enjoy it.

The threat of not being able to sit down for a week is so inside-meltingly hot, that I think it’s a terrible shame there’s no way to get there in reality by means of a normal spanking.