“Britain in a Day”

So, what are you planning to do today?

The BBC’s “Breakfast News” ran a fascinating feature recently about a project scheduled for 12th November, whereby folks across the land are being encouraged to video whatever they get up to during the day for inclusion in a film illustrating British life.

As the presenter explained, the organisers are hoping to see “the humdrum things that go on behind the net curtains”. I was thinking about something less dull, myself. For surely no day in Britain passes without numerous girls being spanked, and any definitive documentary really ought to include an clip or two… Sadly, I’m abroad for most of the day – and lacking in female company when I do get back this evening. I do hope others will step in to submit their footage and make sure the kinky community is properly (and, indeed, improperly) represented…

One thought on ““Britain in a Day”

  • 12 November, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I spent an extra hour in bed thinking of all the chores I have to do today – and how I deserved to be soundly spanked for not getting up to do them. The little fantasy in my head involved the duvet being pulled back, cold air, a stern voice and plenty of stingy spanks.
    What a great video that would have made. I’m sure the BBC would have sat up and taken notice.


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