Here’s a find – but not one that’s safe for work! It’s a Japanese cartoon spanking game, discovered (slightly bizarrely) via a Czech blog. I’ve spent a little while deciphering how it works, so here are some guidelines:

  • click here to load the game (NSFW, and turn off the volume if people can overhear!)
  • click top menu option to choose whether you want to spank a male or female character
  • if you click on the female, you get to dress her – selecting hairstyle, top, skirt and shoes/socks
  • once you’ve chosen all four to your satisfaction, click on the left-hand of the two buttons under the girl’s picture
  • drag her skirt up, if you want to, with your mouse
  • drag the implement towards her backside with your mouse as quickly as you can – the harder you do it, the louder the whack and squeal, the more visible the red marks under her regulation knickers, and the more points you score
  • once you’ve passed a level, by whacking her hard enough, click the middle of the three options on the pp-up menu that appears, and you’ll get the next (more severe) implement
  • you can also change the location, by clicking on the options at the top of the screen (next to the window, in the default bedroom option).

Hope you enjoy: let me know what scores you achieve!