How to describe the hottest group scene I’ve ever been involved in, which took place at my house last weekend?

Perhaps I should start with the aftermath. I’d cooked dinner at Emma Jane’s the following evening for a visiting vanilla friend. EJ sat down on one of her wooden chairs, and immediately stood back up and fetched a cushion. The chair was ‘too low for the table’ otherwise; we both avoided each others’ eyes and managed not to snigger, knowing the real reason she couldn’t sit in comfort.

We had gathered on Saturday under the auspices of the Worshipful Company of Corporal Punishers, this time meeting in the Regency era (and all immaculately dressed in period costume). A more wonderful group one couldn’t hope to assemble: trusting; trustworthy; great roleplayers; fabulous and genuine people. Oh, and frankly in the case of the ladies: all beautiful, brave and downright hot.

There was sparkling conversation, in character; dinner and fine wines, interrupted by spankings for certain misbehaving young ladies; plentiful laughter. An air of joyous and spontaneous naughtiness prevailed. Everything just clicked.

And EJ, as my co-host, was on her finest and flirtiest form; how I adored the way in which she carried the scene; how gorgeous she looked; how proud Lord Jenkins was to have her as his partner.

Oh, and there were beatings too, of course. Each girl, for example, bent over naked in turn to take six strokes – or the equivalent – from each of the six tops. My malacca cane, one of my most severe implements, was put to good and hard effect when I came to beat one of the girls; I gave another of them her first-ever spray birching.

Nine or so of the most memorable hours of my life, from the moment the ladies were formally presented to the gentlemen, until we finally tumbled into bed for sleep at 3am. Such dear friends. And memories that will make me smile (and in some cases blush) for a very long time to come. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to all those who made the evening such a success, but I count myself a very lucky man indeed.