The idea of servants waking up a Georgian family in a grand house in Bath made my mind drift… See, in those days, there’d have been no alarm clocks, so I imagine that a maid must have been sent to wake any gentlemen from his slumbers.

And the procedure in some gentlemen’s houses must have been fraught with risk for the girls concerned. A member of the nobility, with absolute power over his staff? A young, pretty maid in his he bedroom first thing in the morning?

I picture one such lass, new to the household but having heard rumours of her master’s demands, terrified the first time she was sent to wake him. He’d ask her to draw near. Would place a finger under her chin, lifting her eyes to his. Would then inspect her more closely, his hands wandering, touching…

… before she ran away.

He’d ring the bell next to his bed; the butler would rush upstairs. “I’m not used my staff disobeying me. And I’m surprised you hadn’t trained her better. Deal with her severely, then send her back to me.”

Before long, it would be a crying girl who’d be back in the bedroom. His Lordship would demand to see whether she had been punished properly; he’d remove her dress and drawers, inspecting the stripes that the butler had inflicted. And then he’d throw her face down on the bed, pin her wrists tight in his hands, and take her forcefully and roughly from behind.