Removing uniform?

The young ladies on my train earlier in the week were as immaculately dressed as they were behaved. Despite the heat, they were fully and properly attired in their uniforms: blue skirt, blue blouse, blue jumper, blue blazer adorned with the school crest.

Aside, that is, from one of them, who had dispensed with her jumper and blazer. It was perhaps unfortunate for her that she was spied by the head prefect – a stickler for the rules. She would find the note pinned to her locker at morning break, requiring her to report to him immediately after school. She’d spend the rest of the day panicking, dreading…

And he would be harsh. Six strokes for each missing item, I think. Oh, and perhaps inclined to be a little abusive: “Since you evidently don’t like your uniform, Miss Smith, you can remove it before I beat you…”

One thought on “Removing uniform?

  • 23 July, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    So few situations at school in which you can legitimately make a girl remove her whole uniform – kudos for finding one 😉


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