The mill owner

Oh, such a hot dream…

The Victorian mill owner was showing his premises to some distinguished visitors. As they talked, they heard a commotion down below on the factor floor. They looked down: two girls were brawling. A supervisor moved in quickly to break up the fight; the owner beckoned one of his staff across. “Have them wait  outside my office. And make sure there’s a plentiful supply of fresh and sturdy birches.”

He turned back to his guests: “My apologies. I’ve never seen anything like that before. They’ll be dealt with, of course.”

Cut to later: a boardroom. Two girls tied naked, facing one another, at opposite ends of a large polished table. The mill owner taking turns – flogging one, moving on to the other, returning to the first. Harsh. Merciless. Defiance giving way to sobs; sobs to screams; screams to muffled, beaten whimpers.

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