And what of those maids in my previous post about imperial Vienna?

Would they be able to resist listening at the door, to hear what fate befell their mistress?

Hearing her whipped.

Hearing what he did to her afterwards: her gasps and cries as he dealt with her in another way.

Would they then be caught by a footman?

Would they be reported to the Chamberlain?

Would he whip them, soundly?

And might he mention it to his master? Might he in turn demand that fresh rods be cut from the palace garden? Might he have the beaten girls brought before him? Might he make them strip, and position them next to each other the end of the bed?

Inspecting their marks. And then birching them until he was satisfied both that they were properly punished, and that their marks would set a suitably example to the other staff in the house.

Might he make their mistress watch, throughout?