An ad on the tube recently, advertising trips to see the Northern Lights, showed a happy couple next to the caption:

The Icelandic word ‘Ordlaus’ means speechless.

Only, what if the ad agency had somehow translated it incorrectly? I rather hoped that the coy, loving look she was giving him meant ‘obedient’. Or ‘punished’. Or ‘fucked up the arse’. Or even ‘tied up in a hotel for a weekend ‎and shagged senseless in every way imaginable whilst she pleaded for mercy’.

Londoners: good luck keeping a straight ‎face if you happen to see the ad on the Jubilee Line.

Not that I would ever do anything naughty on said Line. Oh no… But that’s another story entirely. And one that might make one particular London reader blush very deeply when she reads this post, and possibly also get very wet on her bus to work at the memory of what we did to her, and what the tube driver might have seen as he pulled into Baker Street.