Monday morning

A girl arrives in the office on a Monday morning. She is distracted. Tired. Her boss notices, calls her in. Asks why she isn’t concentrating. She bites her lip, mutters something about a busy weekend. Eventually, is made to explain that she was out late on the Saturday night. That she had met a boy. That she had been up late. That she had gone back to his place.

“And did you let him fuck you?”

She looks at the ground.

He grabs her hair with one hand. slaps her face hard with the other. “I asked: did you let him fuck you?”

“Yes , sir.”

And before she knows what is happening, he has her overpowered, turned around, pushed over his desk. His hands are reaching under her skirt, pulling down her knickers.

“Then perhaps you need re-focusing on being at work, not at leisure.”

He enters her, roughly, a hand reaching round to cover her mouth. He fucks her hard, pressing her into the desk. And then, suddenly, his is done, and releases her.

“Get back to your desk. If I see you daydreaming again, have no doubt that I shall cane you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And one other thing. I imagine you might see the boy again next weekend. I shall see you in here again 4.30pm on Friday, so I can remind you of the importance of focusing on work colleagues whilst you are in the office….”

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