Flirting with Mr Darcy

Sometimes, even I’m pleased with scene ideas I come up with. Take this, from a rather lovely weekend recently:

Two pretty young girls, best friends, are dining with their respective fiances. The staff have been stood down for the evening – the ladies have been told that this is to allow the couples to relax.

Word has reached the gentlemen that their b‎eloved had behaved badly at a local ball the evening before.

Both had clearly imbibed too much alcohol. Both were overly loud and outspoken as dinner progressed, expressing forthright opinions on matters that should not trouble young ladies. And, most concerningly, both had spent the evening flirting outrageously with a Mr Darcy – being over-familiar, and also distracting him from dancing with a Miss Bennett, whom he seemed curious to get to know better.

Clearly, both girls need to have their behaviour discussed – and perhaps to be brought down a peg or two…

I shall spare my own blushes by drawing a veil over the evening’s proceedings. And that in itself might tell you all you need to know…

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