A bride to be spanked

It’s become something of a cliche for spanking blogs to discuss the search terms that have led readers to their sites – but indulge me for a moment? For I do occasionally browse our keyword list out of curiosity, only to find it full of the usual suspects.

Yes, if you want “spanking stories”, you may find your way to our site. “Doctor Who spank” would probably lead to several of Haron’s posts (and, who knows, I might just be thinking of adding to that particular genre by sharing illicit thoughts about the new Doctor’s rather lovely, sassy new assistant). And we’ve certainly described a few scenes that would qualify if you were hunting for a “severe caning true story”, although I’m not sure how many of our play partners would describe said events as their “worst thrashing ever”.

But a couple of terms used in quick succession the other day really caught my eye, to the extent that I just had to share them. See, said individual had looked first for “wedding night spanking”, returning moments later to hunt for advice on “new wife spanking”. Oh, how I love a romantic story! I do so wish the happy kinky couple every joy in their spanking-filled married life.

Of course, today’s Saturday – perhaps the most popular day of the week for people to pledge their commitment to their partners. So if you happen to see a bride in the coming hours, I challenge you not to wonder whether she’ll be getting a “birching” later this evening, experiencing the “lochgelly tawse in action” – or just being cuddled and held tight by her new husband or wife before being made to “bend over for punishment”.

PS to whichever reader was hoping to read about “abel’s spanking” – no: that’s just wrong, and not going to happen, OK?

7 thoughts on “A bride to be spanked

  • 17 January, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    While, I’m not sure if this fits, my future mother-in-law was aware that I had spanked her then still teenaged daughter even before we were even engaged. Although my girlfriend’s mother wasn’t thrilled with the news, she apparently understood that whatever happened didn’t deter her daughter from wanting to date me.

    For her part, my girlfriend was letting her mother know she needed more consistent disciplining than was possible from her parents. Her mother probably accepted the transfer of authority because her daughter was a university student living on campus for most of the year. She was only home a few weeks during the year.

    None of this occurred in a vacuum. Based on statements made by both my girlfriend and her mother once said, I was aware that my future in-laws thought their daughter still needed to be spanked. Now, all this all happened back when the spanking of both older daughters as well as their mothers was far less controversial. It was also back when young women went off to college in search of an MRS degree as well as a BA or BS.

    Later, my girlfriend admitted she’s been looking for a boyfriend that would spank her with her skirt up and her panties down hard enough to make her respect him. Although she’d tested the waters with other young men, none had dared put her over their lap, much less expose the necessary area. Most seem to think all this bright young woman needed was a good lecture on deportment. She knew better!

    After one particular spanking with an implement, my wife later admitted that’s when she decided to marry me. We married before she graduated with the explicit agreement that she would be a spanked wife. That was so long ago that we are now both gray and wrinkled.

  • 18 January, 2015 at 8:32 am

    So lovely to read comments from a happy older couple, for whom kink has been important. Thank you.

  • 19 January, 2015 at 5:29 am

    While I don’t wish to get into a battle over semantics, I’m not sure my relationship with my wife could be accurately described as a kink. When we began dating, she was still a virgin. I wasn’t. Still, there was an implicit understanding that young men should treat young women they dated as they would their sisters unless the couple was engaged.

    It was within the dating context that I began spanking my wife. Until the first time we had sex perhaps a year later, all I saw was her bare bottom when I was spanking it. For me that wasn’t a big deal. I’d previously disciplined a woman by spanking her bare bottom. I also knew once the full effects reached a woman’s brain, it was thoroughly effective in making her behave. Most likely, that explains why I was less reluctant than my wife’s previous dates to bare her bottom and spank it as if I were her father.

    Because young women in those days still wore skirts, it was fairly simple for her to take a bare bottom spanking over my lap and still retain her modesty when we were finished. Sex had nothing to do with it. My wife needed old-fashioned disciplining and she knew it.

    • 24 April, 2015 at 6:25 pm

      Interesting, very similar to how it went between my X and i tho i didnt know i needed it

      • 22 February, 2016 at 6:37 am

        Most women know there are simply those times in their lives when they deserve a good spanking. If a man is sensitive to the woman’s needs, or just plain lucky in his timing, their relationship will probably workout better than otherwise.


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