Whipping his favourite girl

Ah, but the concept of the “favourite girl being punished” rears its head in my imagination once more. It’s an old favourite of mine, and one that I find an incredibly appealing concept for actual role-play. The tutor whose pet, star pupil finds herself in trouble. The headmaster with the head girl. The master of the house with his favourite maid.

This time, I conjured up an officer in a reform school. He particularly liked a new girl, recently admitted – not a hardened criminal, like most of the inmates, but a good girl gone bad. She seemed mortified by what she’d done, and by her sentence; he’d rather taken her under his wing, become her shoulder to cry on.

Perhaps because of her background, she’d ended up the subject of taunts from some of the other girls. Suddenly, her patience had snapped: she’d lashed out, punching one of her tormentors.

Within minutes, she’d found herself in front of her favourite officer the punishment room, in floods of tears. “I didn’t mean to do it… but she provoked me.”

Her eyes would open wide as he took a cane from the rack on the wall. “Perhaps it’s a good thing for you that it was me on duty this evening.” But if she expected leniency as a result, she was far wide of the mark: “15 – 20 strokes” was the tally set out for fighting in the institution’s rulebook, and 20 was the number she received – tied, naked, over the punishment bench. And just not any strokes, but ones delivered with a severity that surprised even the officer himself.

He’d hold her afterwards; would let her sob in his arms. “As I said, I’m glad it was me. Because that way, I could cane you as hard as I could to teach you a lesson you won’t forget – and so make sure that no-one else has to for the remainder of your time here.”

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  • 14 March, 2012 at 3:52 am

    A case happened here recently in real life: a prison director getting intimate with a female prisoner and exempting her from the usual rules. The other ones denounced him. He lost his job, his wife and his retirement pension.


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