“What do you like?” “Spanking!”

I was intrigued the other day to read a post about “Google’s Official List of Banned Words” – phrases that, when used on their new “What do you love?” site redirect you automatically to content about kittens.

It contains a predictable (LOL and sometimes amusing) selection of rude words, which I’m far too polite to reproduce here. But, naturally, I was curious to see if “spanking” featured – and, dear readers, it doesn’t: we’re clearly not pervy enough to need saving from ourselves.

Now, I’d not previously come across “What do you love?”, so thought I’d have a play – and it’s rather fab. Try it yourself sometime: you’ll be presented with a selection of amusing options such as:

  • Translate ‘spanking ‘ into 57 languages (hey, that’s like my teenage years studying French, German and Latin, researching all of the spanking-related words in my dictionaries!)
  • Explore spanking in 3D (what – you mean with real people, rather than just looking at pictures online?)
  • Find spanking nearby (could come in handy on my travels)
  • Organize a debate about spanking (“is it good for people who are into spanking to enjoy their kink?” – “yes”)
  • Alert me about spanking (doesn’t Twitter do that, with so many people sharing news of their recent play in near-real-time?!)
  • Plan your spanking events (the next couple are already planned, but thanks for the offer of help!)
  • Scour the earth for spanking (oh, my life’s work encapsulated in a sentence)

Hours of fun ahead – and that’s before we’ve started browsing the spanking-related patents to which it links!

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