Oh, how I love Twitter and the inspiration it brings. As a result of tweets exchanged there this morning, I’m proud to unveil this month’s festive spanking game – Spankvent (a phrase coined by @bandreesub and used with her permission).

Participants wanted… see below for how to play.

It all started with an exchange about advent calendars, involving @marthalinton, @tobywednesday, @sarahlrh, @hellomrallen, @nickymontford and myself (and what a nice group to chat to, I must say).

Sarah explained that she had an advent calendar with numbered felt pockets for each day; I mentioned that I’d long wanted one such with a different implement per day; Nicky suggested that the spanking should somehow match the day number (for example, one minute’s hand spanking or spray birching on the 1st; 12 strokes on the 12th).

So that’s the game. If you want to play, comment and claim your date (not selecting a date that’s already been claimed by someone else), between 1st – 24th December; if you want to share your plans, please do so; and I’ll collate some tales from all who’ve participated and publish Tales from Spankvent here on the blog at the end of the festive season.

Ready? Set? Go…!

Edited a few hours later – here’s the final list of who’s playing: thanks so much to you all for joining in; this is such fun:

1st – EMDifference

2nd – Eliane

3rd – Sarah

4th – Ronnie

5th – Alyss

6th – Irelynn

7th – Quai

8th – Toby

9th – Judy

10th – Mr Wrath

11th – Miss Swoons

12th – Amy Hunter / Simon Jenkins

13th – Nicky Montford

14th – Leia Ann

15th – Tepees

16th – Poppy

17th – FawcettHall

18th – Abel

19th – Cate

20th – Emma Jane

21st – Bandree

22nd – Scarlett

23rd – Kaelah & Ludwig

24th – Alias