It struck me earlier in the week that I hadn’t checked the ‘blogroll’ of sites to which I link from here. So, on Wednesday (5 December), I checked through them.

Of the 22 blogs by people I know in real-life, three no longer exist at all. Nine haven’t seen new posts since Easter – making their sites at best ‘dormant’. Only four have posted in the past month.

Things are slightly better with the 23 other blogs to which I had links – including ones where I may know some of the authors online but not personally. Two of those no longer exist: six haven’t had new posts in over six months; the remainder have all had at least one update since September.

So, roughly in total: 10% of my favourite blogs have ceased to exist altogether; 33% more are no longer active. Many of the rest are updated very infrequently. Is the spankosphere dying?

It’s perhaps inevitable that some blogs burn out after (say) an initial burst of sharing and exploring. I know many of my blogging friends have moved on both in their life priorities and the nature of their friendships with people who happen to be kinky, as well as in their use of social media such as Twitter to interact with friends they’ve met through blogs and the scene. So perhaps this was bound to happen.

Or, rather, am I just out of touch? Are there lots of fresh, new blogs out there that I’m missing? I’d welcome any recommendations.