Time Out, London’s new-free listings magazine, contains a weekly column called ‘Word on the street’, listing “things we’ve overheard in London this week”.

They vary from funny to quirky to downright bizarre. A couple of my favourites in last week’s issue included:

“They need to get some decent mirrors in this place. I don’t look good in any of these ones.”

“She had the most unfortunate face I’d ever seen. Until I saw her mother.”

And then there was the one that intrigued me:

“I had to take my clothes off four times.”

Once on admission to the Reformatory Centre, before she was showered and made to dress in the institution’s light tunic?

Once when she was stripped and thoroughly, roughly inspected?

Once after she’d been led into the punishment chamber, as she stood before the whipping bench, before they tied her naked in position.

And the final time an hour later, after the flogged girl had been left in prison garb in a cell, when they made her own clothes back on before sending her back onto the street?