The Hungarian National Gallery was holding an exhibition of works by Janos Thorma – an artist of whom, I confess, I’d never heard. Some of his work was really rather good – including a few rather lovely nudes. But it was a quote on one of the displays that caught my eye most of all:

He was a brilliant man and an inspiring teacher. His dinners were famous – he would invite his new students to find out more about their problems. Sometimes he took us out on his carriage to the places where he worked or recited poems to relax

No, I’m sure everything was above board. He wouldn’t ever have taken advantage of any student whilst out in the countryside – listening to her concerns, offering a caring shoulder to cry on, kissing her then seducing her in the open air. Wouldn’t have asked certain of them to stay behind after dinner, with the promise of better grades if they were good and co-operative.

Wouldn’t ever have persuaded the prettiest of the girls to model naked for him – including for the pictures for those private collectors, who did like to see the subjects of their purchases displaying reddened or striped backsides. Wouldn’t possibly have dealt with any lasses who confessed to struggling for artistic inspiration by beating them soundly, with the promise that such actions might bring back their muse.

Actually, I’m sure he wouldn’t. But, as you can imagine, the ideas rather distracted me from the latter parts of the collection of his works.