A little fantasy the other night, whilst I was drifting off to sleep..

A house tutor patrolling the corridors late at night, hearing noise from a girl’s room. Opening the door, catching her in the act. Making her stand, naked in front of him. Slapping her face and calling her a rude, filthy girl. Grabbing her by the hair and pulling her into the corridor: “You are coming to my office and I’m going to deal with you.”

There, she’d protest that she’d done nothing wrong. He’d touch her between the legs: “So wet. Your embarrassment suggests that you know how wrong this sort of behaviour is.”

He’d maker her lie face down on the sofa in his room, and order her to continue touching herself. And he’d take a cane, and beat her hard as she did so. “Bad girl… rude girl… dirty girl… I’m going to cane you until you reach orgasm.”

But she couldn’t; she’d protest that she was trying, though. And he’d pull her to her feet by her hair, force her over the arm of the sofa, unzip his trousers… “If you can’t be obedient by yourself, maybe you need help.” And he’d push her further open, pull her legs apart, and he’d enter her…