An email confirmation of a restaurant booking popped into my inbox, containing all of the details one would expect - venue details, my name, date and time, number of guests, booking reference. And then it added:

Event type : No occasion/general night out

Now, I hadn’t been asked when making the reservation why we were coming along that night. As it happens, it was an entirely vanilla catch-up with a kinky friend. But I can’t help thinking of the shock one could cause by making reservations with some (not unknown) reasons for booking tables. For example:

Event type : Comfort for a girl after a judicial birching.

or maybe a lunchtime booking:

Event type: Distracting a girl prior to a severe caning.

Sadly there’s no ‘special request’ box either: “extra cushions”, for example, for a recently-flogged young lady. Maybe I should fire in a few such booking requests as Abel, rather than using my real name, simply to see if the restaurant notices or reacts in any way? (It would have to be worth a free, sympathetic glass of fizz on the house for one’s dining companion, surely?)