Wishing all readers here a happy new year, and hoping that a good 2013 lies in store for us all. (2011 and 2012 were pretty horrible for me; much as I’m dreading it, this year has to be better, right?)

I’m certainly hoping that, kink-wise, the year ahead will bring more regular play. And, who knows, maybe I’ll even get to meet a few readers here for the first time as the year progresses – especially, with some of you, if we come to ShadowLane in September (which we do hope to do).

So, go on: time for you to join in! Why not comment and pass on your new year wishes to your fellow Spanking Writers aficionados. It’s great when we say hello to one another – especially if you’ve not commented before or only do so occasionally. And it’s always re-assuring to know that there are people out there still reading!