Medieval punishments, anyone? I’ve posted a few times previously about whipping posts and stocks, but news of a tourist attraction in Bermuda takes things a step further. Yes, in King’s Square, St Georges, there’s a ducking stool in which:

Volunteers from the audience face an example of 18th century justice.

A little further research (try YouTube if you’re interested) reveals that female visitors genuinely are tied into the stool and ducked in the water, emerging rather delightfully soaked to the skin.

There’s also apparently a 17th century sailing ship (girls tied to the mast to be lashed?), and another site mentions that there are:

Stocks, Pillory, Whipping Post and Ducking Stool — replicas of those used to punish criminals over 400 years ago

I wonder if the whipping post is used for demonstrations, in the same way as the ducking stool? I really feel the need for a holiday in Bermuda to find out…!